2014: Riding the spiritual wave

February 24th, 2014



Last week I found myself at an unusual gathering. But hey, I tend to be at a lot of unusual gatherings. I did not find it unusual for the reason some might – it was a group meditation on working internally with archangels.


What made it unusual for me was that, on very short notice, there were gathered 13 people plus a dear friend and colleague, Magdalena Potipa, who was leading the practice. It was unusual because the gender distribution was even for such an event. It was unusual because many there had only a little, if any previous exposure to these practices.


It is my experience that women are usually the ‘early adopters’ of alternative and spiritual practices. Oddly though it is often men who are leading or teaching them. I have found myself in this position many, many times over the years where I have been taking a group for shiatsu, healing or meditation only to realize I am the only male in the room.


Karl Ryberg of Monocrom Institut, Stockholm demonstrating the effect of color on perception.

Karl Ryberg of Monocrom Institut, Stockholm at our Open House event demonstrating the effect of color on perception.


So this evening, so early in 2014, was a pleasant surprise to see such an even percentage of spiritually earnest men and women attending an event conducted by a woman.


A surprise perhaps but not a coincidence.



2014: The year of spiritual enquiry


To the numerologists among us 2014, being a number 7 year, opens us collectively to the possibility of study and investigation. More significantly it focuses on the study of the spirit; of the Self; of our inner world more than the one before our eyes and blaring from our televisions or mobile devices.


It represents a curiosity that has turned inwards with a thirst for meaning. It is a hunger that is no longer satisfied with the endless, superficial and ultimately fruitless distractions of the material world.



“…this is not my beautiful wife…this is not my beautiful house!” [1]


We can buy new, shiny stuff but new stuff gets old. We can travel the world seeking inspiration but wherever we go, there we are. Eventually we find that all the dopamine-based promise of pleasure-seeking ends in exhaustion and dissatisfaction.


We can no longer convince ourselves that the next big thing, adventure or relationship will do it for us anymore. We may begin to ask: “Have I enjoyed my pleasures or have my pleasures enjoyed me? Has all my work and striving taken more than I hoped it would create? Am I or could I be living a life of greater meaning and purpose?”


In short we become disillusioned. To be disillusioned is a good thing. It is the beginning of a shift in awareness. Our illusions begin to drop away and we see the world differently



Surfing the waves


The frequency of consciousness has a wave-like quality. Even the word ‘frequency’ is a description of how often a waveform occurs in a given space or time.


When we surf with a wave our progress increases rapidly and with greater ease and enjoyment. It becomes naturally more attractive for us to do so. As anyone who has done it will know, surfing is fun.


collective surfers


A collective frequency wave affects the collective consciousness and makes it more attractive and easier for greater numbers of people to navigate waters that may have previously seemed threatening, frivolous or simply irrelevant to their life.



The turning of the tide


There is a saying in Swedish:


“Från idiot förklaring till självklarhet.”


Loosely translated this refers to an idea – previously dismissed as either the inane ramblings of the idiot fringe, the undisciplined intellect or the superstitiously gullible – that has now become something any reasonable person could regard as self-evidently true.


Has the idea itself miraculously changed? No. The frequency of the collective consciousness has increased and expanded to include it. In the famous words of the French poet Victor Hugo, “Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.”


When such a spiritually curious wave rolls in we may think it is our own idea to investigate these subjects further – and it is in the sense that we are part of collective consciousness. Our individual efforts contribute to whole while in turn we are influenced by it.


We may start to notice how we or our previously unresponsive friends, family or acquaintances suddenly express an interest in greater self-knowledge.


We may start reading books on more spiritual subjects. We may become interested in the practice of meditation. We may delve deeper into personal development. We may report an interest in interpreting our dreams or notice synchronicities between our thoughts and events that happen around us.


We may begin to interpret our world as much on the symbolic level as the literal one. In a more direct sense we may simply question everything we have experienced up to this point: our work, relationships or how we feel or wish to feel as a conscious co-creator in our own life.



Sophia and the divine feminine


We are rapidly moving from a time of patriarchal dominance and values and shifting towards greater balance between male and female energies. This is not to say we are moving into a matriarchy as this would only constitute an imbalance in the other direction, ‘from the frying pan into the fire.’


Last week’s blog mentioned our modern, first-world culture being highly influenced by the ancient Greeks. The goddess Sophia was then the divine feminine face of wisdom. She has had many forms throughout history and in different cultures (and counter-cultures) before and since.


Alex Grey. All rights reserved.

Alex Grey. All rights reserved.


Just like the concept of Yin and Yang in Taoist philosophy the divine feminine energy exists of course in both genders (as does the divine masculine). There is no immediate guarantee that we will be imbued with these qualities just because we are born female any more than we would not because we are male. It is something we nurture and develop in ourselves.


Sophia represents our capacity for an inner focus. She represents the wisdom of the heart.


Knowledge of the outer world (the more masculine, Yang expression) represents the capacity of intellect. While the capacity of intellect is an admirable quality it can only ever know about phenomena, out there, in a desire to be separate and objective. It is proud of never being sure.


Wisdom (the more feminine, Yin expression) is direct knowing through inner experience. It is inclusive, subjective and intuitive. It is not blind belief. However it does not require external confirmation as it seeks inwards for answers that cannot be satisfied in other ways.



Surf’s up


In 2014 the twin waves of an increased desire to look within and the rise of feminine energies make it an ideal time for the study of the Self and the spiritual side of our life. It does not require belief or religious conviction, just a curious mind and a loving heart. We have all the tools with us. Inside. Already.


Till the surf’s up on the shores of another Monday,



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In the meantime my upcoming Conscious Health series (click here) might be a good place to start.

[1] ‘Once in a lifetime’ by Talking Heads. Universal Music publishing group.




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