Energy Conscious Model Pt 3: A Different Connection

November 16th, 2015




“The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have.”

-Norman Vincent Peale



“The patient felt the pain all the way down into her self-esteem.”



This was the final line of a journal entry of a colleague participating in an Integrative medical research project back in 2005. [1] She was an alternative therapist and needless to say, it was probably not a piece of journal commentary the doctors participating in the research had seen before.


It illustrated how differently one can view the body-mind in health and disease. Earlier in this short series on the energy-consciousness model and indeed in other series looking at differences between medical models (click here and here if you missed them) we mentioned that a purely physical view of health can lead to somewhat of a Dr. Frankenstein model of the body. That is, it can be seen merely as a collection of mechanical parts and chemistry which are manipulated and controlled to remove disease – or at least modify and suppress its symptoms.


The energy-consciousness model seeks to bridge the gap between the ‘all in the body’ approach of Western medicine with the ‘all in the mind’ approach of Western psychology.



Physical emotions


The study referred to here was looking at neck and low back pain of outpatients from two community medical centres in Stockholm. Of course something as generalised as low back pain may have many causes – including emotional ones.


In traditional Chinese medicine the low back area is controlled by the Kidney-adrenal system of the Water element. (For more on the Water element click here) The emotional correlation of this element is fear. Its related characteristics are self-reliance and confidence, willpower and our survival responses. Physically, it controls our reserves of energy. It rules over the areas of the low back and uro-genital organs.


The patient in this example had been under economic and emotional stress for some time. Apart from suffering low back pain she experienced recurring urinary tract infections. A big part of her stress came from poor boundaries and low self-esteem. She found it difficult to say no when others asked things of her. As a result, she became more and more exhausted trying to meet the needs of everyone but herself. Something had to give.




 Light and consciousness


Star head


One aspect exhaustion and disease have in common is the entropic leaking of energy. One form of energy is light. Coincidently, I attended a lecture this summer demonstrating that, in healthy tissue, light is contained and integrated. In unhealthy or diseased tissue or organs light (photons) constantly leak out.


Even without special instruments we have all experienced seeing someone who appears to ‘shine’ with health, happiness or love. We have also seen those who seem, either due to emotional or physical reasons, that all the light has gone out of them.


Energy, expressed through a living being, also expresses as consciousness. There is a link between our health, our understanding of ourselves and how that expresses as happiness and insight or more negatively as exhaustion, anxiety or depression.


This does not mean that becoming ill is some ‘crime of consciousness’. It is not a moral question. Illness is simply an opportunity for us to understand ourselves better.




 Non-physical touch and energy


Beyond the energy model of points and meridians pathways lie a myriad of other energy systems. Around 17 years ago this became very tangible to me as I worked more consciously with non-physical touch. That is, I focused on leaving the physical contact with the body and into the energy ‘air space’ around it. This revealed several things to me.


  • A field of energy exists around a living body that reflects and feeds back to its functioning, both physically and emotionally
  • It communicates to the therapist and client in several ways.
    • subtle physical twitching and movement
    • changes in breathing
    • Shifts in perception of physical boundaries, weight and so on
    • Emotional reactions
    • The arising of symbolic images and energy ‘puzzles’ to be worked with



Pure energy is like a pool of ‘source code’ related to that individual that can be accessed and worked with in a variety of ways. One particular technique that I worked with in conjunction with colleague Graeme Docherty we called ‘Solid Air’.


This is because, in our initial explorations off the body, we encountered semi-solid objects and fields in the space around our clients. Over the years and countless sessions this extended to being able to contact and work with our clients even when they did not share the same physical space with us. In other healing traditions this may be called anything from shamanic work to distal healing (and many other titles).


The best modern metaphor that comes to mind is the progression from wired to wireless communications. It does not take any more energy for our mobile phone, for example, to ring someone across the room or across the world once we have removed the need for a physical (wired) connection. So too with non-physical energy work. Once we removed the need for physical touch, it no longer mattered as much whether the client was physically present or not. The important connection was energy.


 Further reading


Light book


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That should be enough reading/listening to keep one occupied for a week of Mondays,



Till the energy of another Monday enters our personal space once more,



[1] The paper came out in 2006. The link is here 




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