Energy Pt 3: Energy, Matter and the Mind

February 9th, 2015





“It followed from the special theory of relativity that mass and energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing — a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind.”

– Albert Einstein (from the 1948 film ‘Atomic Physics’)



In the first two parts of this short series on energy and its relationship to human health and consciousness (click here and here if you missed it) we looked at local and non-local energy and physical and non-physical touch.



Today we will look at the largely under-investigated field that connects energy, matter and consciousness. We said earlier in this series that the software of energy was marginalised (or dismissed out of hand) by medical science because medicine does not currently employ any software metaphor in the medical model that supports its central philosophy. It finds itself firmly entrenched in matter only – that is, anatomy and biochemistry.



Kirlian photograph of two hands

Kirlian photograph of two hands


This ‘Catch 22’ conundrum is due to the lack of ‘subtle measuring tools’ to investigate the subtleties of energy and its effect on matter like the human body. The tools have not been built (by the medical fraternity at least) because they do not take the concept of energy seriously enough in a medical context. And so the logic paradox cycles around and around.



Ironically then, we are forced to look largely outside of medical contexts to investigate energy, health and consciousness. Visuals are probably better than words to illustrate these ideas so today’s blog will feature a number of videos that go some way in demonstrating some of these principles.



Energy as vibration and its effect on matter


We are all familiar with vibration. We hear sounds and music, feel the rumble of low frequencies like the subway or even deep subwoofer speakers pumping the bass at a night club. We are less likely however to consider the relationship it may have with physical matter.


Let us now observe the relationship of very specific tonal frequencies to matter – in this first case a layer of salt crystals on a plate being vibrated. Note how the vibration does not only make the salt move and ‘dance’ but form into very specific geometric patterns in direct correlation to the particular frequency tone being used:





 Music is not only a universal language



Any physical medium whose response is immediately visible to the naked eye may be used. In this example musicians play their instruments to influence the patterns and structure of different physical materials in ways one would not normally see:






Manipulation of frequencies can even control the direction of moving matter


In this video frequencies are applied to water. Note how, when the frequencies are changed by even a few Hertz (hz) the movement of matter can be made to appear to have reversed its flow.





 More than one energy field around the body?



There are multiple ways to look at how we might use the subtle measuring tools that already exist to further investigate our relationship with energy in health and consciousness. Here Dr. Thornton Streeter  (who also featured in part one of this series) briefly outlines his understanding of what he believes are the nine energy layers relating to the physical body.





 Framing the light


From early Kirlian photography (discovered by Semyon Kirlian in 1939) many people have tried to capture and demonstrate energy fields relating to the physical body. Here Harry Oldfield demonstrates one of the methods Dr. Streeter listed above. Mr. Oldfield is the inventor of P.I.P. technology (Polycontrast Interference Photography)





 The emotional mind and matter


The late Dr. Masaru Emoto made famous the concept of focusing human consciousness on matter – specifically, his controversial work with water and its freezing into ice crystals after it had been ‘meditated upon’ with particular emotions. This suggests that matter vibrates to the ‘tune’ of consciousness. In other words, ‘mind over matter’ may be more than just an expression describing will power and something more literal and far reaching.


Here are a few popular examples:


Love and gratitude

Love and gratitude



"You make me sick"

“You make me sick”




Music of Mozart

Music of Mozart



Energy and consciousness


There may be a link between directed consciousness and its affect on matter:


  • Perception of physical events
  • Direction of energy and matter


That is we may be able to create and manipulate energy and matter (seemingly) out of no-thing through our conscious mind. Of course there is scepticism around these ideas (as one can see in the reporting style of the video below) but they are still being investigated in a methodical way.






Yi, Chi, Li


This classical Taoist concept and its application in traditional Chinese medicine has been discussed several times in the Monday Conscious Health blog and demonstrates the relationship between the mind and matter. ‘Yi’ is our intention or conscious focus. ‘Chi’ is the software energy applied to that focus. ‘Li’ is the result. Therefore the most important part is focused intention as it will guarantee the others.


Traditional Chinese medicine is essentially a software based practice in that it uses the benevolent manipulation of energy flows to positively affect health and wellness. It’s more subtle applications affect conscious perception and mental and emotional health as well.


In other words the connection between the software of consciousness and its link to energy and matter are nothing new and not isolated to any one country, culture or body of knowledge.



Dancing electrons and human bio-software


I have been fortunate to become acquainted with the work of Dr. James Oschman. He has done sterling work connecting the software of the unseen with the physical body and human health. Here he describes the healing benefits of what he calls (in this lecture excerpt) ‘The Electric Universe’.





Mental software: the conscious and subconscious mind


There are many examples how our mind affects our body and how one part of our mind affects another part of our mind. Here is a layman’s discussion of a few of them. Yes, the style is somewhat culturally coloured and even moralistic at times compared to the scientists in the previous videos but the content is valid. It always useful to have many views, angles and insights on a subject:





As always there is so much more that could be discussed but that is enough to be going on with for one Monday at least. The exciting thing is that these ideas are only now gaining a foothold in the collective consciousness. It will be very interesting to see how they grow and flourish as more minds become actively engaged in its investigation and practice.



Till another Monday matters but we don’t mind at all,




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