Love and Healing

December 17th, 2012



(Continuing a short series on revisiting and updating some blogs of years past. We are also continuing the theme of love and it very real effects on health and consciousness all through the Christmas season.)



“All you need is love”



“Do you love your clients?”


This was the simple but provocative question made by an Indian guru to a group of psychologists. It was during a three-day intensive they had organized with some of their clients that included periods of meditation along with normal therapy sessions.


Perhaps the most unusual part of the retreat was a brief audience with the guru at the end of each day. This might take the form of a few words, a look or smile, a touch or even a gentle tap from a peacock feather.



Neem Karoli baba

Neem Karoli baba


The psychologists noted a rapid increase in their client’s progress even in those few days and had been curious enough to ask if he was doing anything ‘special’ during these short meetings. He answered with the above question about love.


An awkward silence was followed by a few platitudes about the importance of boundaries and professional ethics which trailed off into more awkward silence – presumably as it had dawned on the psychologists that they were struggling to find reasons not to love their clients.


The guru, giving this the appropriate pause to sink in then gently replied:


“Perhaps you should try it then.”


Love and Energy


So, does love have a valid role in the healing process? To answer that it might help to first understand love in terms of energy.



I work with the holistic understanding that energy and consciousness are merely different expressions of each other. It has naturally led me to investigate what might be the most healing energy states. Regardless of outward technique it is important for both therapist and client, at least for brief moments during a session, to enter into these states. Interestingly they have almost identical characteristics with the state of love. Let us look at that…


Creating Unified Fields for Healing


In a healing session we know we have merged into a unified energy field when the ‘atmosphere’ in and around ourselves and our clients shifts. It shifts from a feeling of separation – ‘I am ‘doing’ this treatment, this technique. You are receiving it’ – to unity: ‘Here we are as one, experiencing this shift together into another state’.


That last sentence might easily be a proclamation of love. The difference is in its focus and application. In healing it is not used to target our amorous selves but to experience the inherent calmness and joy that a feeling of unity brings. The body relaxes and goes into a healing state.


The Experience of Healing States


A healing state occurs when separation disappears and there is only oneness

In energy terms, separate waves or frequencies transform into a single wave. That, however, would fill at least a blog (and possibly several books) by itself. For our purposes we can look at healing states from the point of view of subjective experience.


The client may report these experiences:


  • “I no longer felt my body”
  • “I was somewhere else with no sense of time and space”
  • “I felt like I was melting into peace and calm”


– This energy wave state may also be accompanied by spontaneous body movements, changing in breathing patterns, internal visions, symbolic pictures and so on.


The therapist has their own experience of this shift:


  • “I ‘melted’ into my client. It was difficult to tell where my touch ended and their body began”
  • “The points/areas I was working on became just one big field”
  • “What I did technique-wise ceased being so important. It felt like I could affect everywhere from wherever I was with whatever I chose to do. The treatment started doing itself”


From my professional and private journeys in energy-consciousness, I can state the following:


Where points and lines become fields; where dual waves become a single frequency; where time and space lose their hold upon us: We have entered a healing state.


Love as a Healing State


By ‘love’ I am not referring to being ‘in love’ – although that can certainly be healing. It is more that being in love involves a romantic focus and is not necessarily unconditional in nature. In fact, it may often lead to attachment and even suffering as we fall ‘in’ and ‘out’ of love.


The healing nature of love is not an emotion but a state; a state of conscious awareness; a state of energy frequency; a healing state. It is unconditional in nature and asks nothing but the experience of itself. Though hard to explain, once we have experienced it we can easily recognize it again.


Love is beauty and beauty is truth. Despite our defenses we always know the truth when we experience it directly. It is our heart’s treasure, secret and desire. How could we not respond to it?




Love by its very nature creates unity. It is union. It has identical characteristics with the unified field healing experiences listed above. It can also act as an amplifier of those effects. That is why it is important to ‘love your clients’.


Perhaps it is even more important when applied to ourselves…



Healing ourselves with love


love healing

Regardless of what methods we employ to help with any healing issue here is the best advice I have been given regarding our role in our own healing. Of course, it involves love and in every situation it is this:


“Choose what Love would choose for you”



A quiet revolution of love


Despite the fear-generating mechanisms at work in our world, I have noticed a collective shift to choose love and unity over fear and division. There is a quiet (r)evolution of love going on if we pay attention and look beneath the static of manipulation. It is a love that we choose regardless of what we receive or witness. It shows itself in the abstract and the concrete, in grass-roots movements, in health and healing, in art and music. It chooses itself.

(Try watching this ‘abstract’ video all the way to the end and see if you can instinctively feel the inevitability of love’s freedom choosing itself over fear or ‘sensible’ limitation.)



Till another Monday chooses love, all by itself,



* For those that were wondering. That is one of Emoto’s frozen water crystals – after the water had been meditated upon with love.


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