About my work


 “My problem is here, my life is over there.”


This perception is all too common when we are faced with health problems. Conventional medical approaches – supported by the media – do little to discourage this view as it clings to a war/fear metaphor, offering hostile ‘weapons’ to combat the invasion of disease. Our bodies become the powerless theatre of this war and we suffer on multiple fronts.


What if we reclaimed power and responsibility over our own health? What if we saw our symptoms as an attempt to communicate with ourselves in a language we have simply not yet learned to translate? What if we could understand that language and learn from it to not only cure our symptoms but transform our lives?


I work in the area of personal development and holistic health, both within the private sphere as well as in the work place.


I coach my clients to a greater awareness of what is conscious and unconscious in their beliefs, behaviours and thoughts, and thereby help them become more genuine, self-assured and healthier individuals.


My philosophy connects emotional health with physical symptoms inspiring individuals to take power and responsibility for their own health and happiness. I do this through therapy, Shiatsu and acupuncture.


Besides one-to-one consultations and public lectures on health and consciousness, I am also a spokesperson for complementary alternative medicine to the medical world.


My clients range from private individuals to health consultants, students in the medical, psychology and health sectors, as well as health professionals like doctors, nurses and researchers. I have worked with dancers, chiropractors, and NLP experts.


My  lectures are relevant to organisations, corporations and work places struggling with health issues like burn out, stress and employee dissatisfaction but are also relevant in groups that need clarity and creativity.


My therapies include Conscious Health, Shiatsu and deepening our knowledge and application of touch.