Open lectures

Conscious Health open evenings


These lectures are not only about health and about staying healthy. They are also just as much about life and about love . You will feel challenged and alive. Highly recommended!

Antonella Strömberg


Five evenings of inspiration about the connection between how we feel and our conscious connection to our inner and outer world. Even disease and the challenges of life can be used as a path to understanding ourselves better.


The Conscious Health evening lecture series has evolved out of 30 years in clinical practice. Many common patterns of dysfunction and ways to deal with them emerged during this time. It occurred to me that this information could be helpful to a wider audience in a more public forum. As a result this series is for those who might not necessarily wish to go to individual therapy but could benefit from many of the principles, concepts and practices that one might learn from such a path.


The Conscious Health Series is designed to be attended as both independent evenings or as components in a larger story of health and consciousness. It is divided into 5 evening sessions dealing with different challenges to our personal growth. Health is not just an individual or solely medical issue. It is intrinsically linked to our attitudes, values, priorities and policies as a society. It is one of the pathways to personal discovery and growth.


Part 1: The Self in focus

What helps shape our sense of self, our self esteem and confidence? How do we nurture and nourish it…or sabotage and hurt ourselves? This evening we will examine the connection between the Earth element in oriental energy medicine, our earth mother, oral dependency, co-dependency in relationships, anxiety states, our physical form in weight gain and loss and much more that connects and disconnects us from our Higher Self in health and disease.


Part 2: Dealing with Change, Sorrow and Separation

Every change in life, expected or unexpected, ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ involves loss or separation of some sort. Grief and sorrow are a natural component of this separation. However these emotions are often repressed (or perhaps more accurately ‘depressed’) as they cause discomfort. What might be the physical, psychological and spiritual impact of change on our health? Can this be mapped in relation to each other? What role does our higher Self play in this? How can we consciously work with it?


Part 3: Stress, Survival and fear in health

Most people accept that stress can have negative effects on our physical and psychological health. How might this be mapped specifically in the body so we can see the physical mechanism of stress and its connection to other functions? We also look at fear and the will:  both our own and the influences of others upon us. Spiritually we will investigate the Will of our divine Self and our connection to our ‘Blueprint’, the Tribe/family/community/collective and our relationship to death.


Part 4: Negotiating Conflict and maintaining Personal Power

Conflict and problem solving is a part of daily existence. Physically it affects areas as diverse as muscle tension, blood pressure, digestion, menstruation and the nervous system. Psychologically it is also an opportunity to help us define our boundaries and integrity. Spiritually it connects with the Warrior spirit (that which defends and maintains the integrity of our connection to our higher Self) and the maintenance of personal power.

When we give away our power through thought and actions we go against our own integrity we come into conflict with ourselves. This is perhaps more damaging to our health than external conflicts and problems. So how can we be more conscious of our integrity and personal power. How can we use our Warrior spirit to be strong while respecting the integrity of others?


Part 5: The Search for Meaning in daily life

We look at joy, growth and the search for meaning and its connection to the heart organ in physical, emotional and spiritual imbalance. Ultimately this leads to the centre of our spiritual connection and to the quest that drives our experience of life on earth through all our dramas, tragedies and comedies. How do we connect to our heart? What are the consequences  for our health if this connection is repressed?