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A research paper in collaboration with Karolinska Institut about the process of Integrative Medicine was published in various print and online journals in 2007. Its title and authors were:
“Towards a model for integrative medicine in Swedish primary care
Tobias Sundberg1, Jeremy Halpin2, Anders Warenmark3 and
Torkel Falkenberg*1


Integrative medicine is the co-operation between Western medicine and complementary and alternative practitioners and their methods under the one roof with the patient as the central focus. It was conducted at two suburban medical centres in Stockholm.
Some fascinating processes developed from this collaborative work. We learned a lot about each other’s medical approaches to diagnosis and treatment. It also lead to some interesting journal reports that not everyone would have seen before such as this from an alternative therapist describing back pain in her patient:

“She felt the pain down deep into her self-esteem.”

This made for some wonderful discussions and a great cross- pollination of ideas. It also produced a very high level of patient satisfaction.


I firmly believe this multi-modular approach is one of several exciting and necessary developments going forward in patient care.
For those wishing to read the extract from this pioneering research please click here.