Solid Air

Expanding consciousness through physical and non-physical touch


Solid Air is less a technique and more a way to adjust the mind while using any technique.


In  Solid Air we create a healing space by zero setting the Thinking mind. Here we use themes to activate the free and creative thoughts of our Natural mind. The here and now state of our Natural mind presents us with a connection to oneness and creates what we may call “Charged thoughts”.


Solid Air may be ‘tuned’ by the practice of Qi Gong, meditation, visualization and healing practices but is really an extension of the mind. Although all of the above may be useful, they are all just ‘facilitators’ to bringing about the Solid Air state.


The Solid Air state may be described as a type of conscious ‘dreaming’ or trance-like experience where we open ourselves to different but co-existent states. These states contain different but complementary ‘rules’ to our normal waking consciousness.


Charged thoughts seem to come by themselves and have a higher density in the Solid Air. We know these thoughts when they appear either in meditation or treatment as we do not have to really think them – we just let them unravel by themselves. In this way we go beyond the right and wrong of the thinking mind and enter a pleasurable state where our next thought has countless creative opportunities.


As a therapeutic application Solid Air is not only very relaxing but can access and affect much deeper levels of being than more traditional methods. It is particularly useful in situations where strong blockages, pain or protection in the client make physical touch counter-productive.  Primarily though it is a marvelous tool for personal exploration and development.