The Living Matrix Pt.3: Playing in the Field

October 31st, 2016





As I get older, I get smaller. I see other parts of the world I didn’t see before. Other points of view. I see outside myself more”

Neil Young




Throwing it all away


“I have a client with (fill in the symptoms/illness). What points should I use?!”


This is typical question from students or new practitioners of energy medicine when confronted with a client with strong symptoms. I will put aside for the moment that a key value of the energy-consciousness model is its focus on health and personal development instead of sickness and disease.

The central misunderstanding with their question is the knee-jerk reflexive abandonment of all their subtle and intuitive tools of diagnosis, observation and response to the individual. All this is sacrificed for a handful of magic beans…err…well, acupuncture points at least.






Wonderfully creative moments in practice are lost when all the focus is given away to the perceived power of a given point. It completely ignores the energy chemistry that develops between client and therapist during a treatment.
Interactivity between an energy therapist and their client introduces unique factors specific to the energy-consciousness model and its methodology. This generates a few paths of enquiry:


  • Can the software of energy (and its effect on the body) be affected by the meeting of energies between people?
  • If so, what are energy fields?


Time to investigate…

Energy meetings


Last week (click here if you missed it) we suggested that the spiral nature of points could extend beyond the boundaries of the physical body. That is, one could maintain contact with the software of a person while no longer touching them.
We also said that, at some distance off the body, the meridian and point system become unworkable and a new explanatory model must be made to navigate this new phenomena.
From the apparent one-dimensional nature of a point, to a two-dimensional line we had made the quantum leap to a multi-dimensional field of energy where the client and therapist could meet.1




What are energy fields?


Energy-consciousness is the distinguishing factor between a living being and a dead corpse. While the two may be anatomically similar there is a very obvious difference. There are many schools of thought about what these energies are:


  • Science can measure electromagnetic fields.
  • Some spiritual schools talk of different energy bodies reflecting different aspects of consciousness.
  • Others view the body as a hologram.
  • Still others relate the surrounding energy fields back to the meridian system we talked about in part two of this series.


It is equally possible they are all correct and just looking at the same thing from different angles.


The energy that animates physical function in the body also extends out and around it. This is, what we intuitively read when we look at someone. Have you ever looked at someone and instantly felt how they are feeling – sometimes even when they are doing their best to hide it with a manipulated physical expression? You are reading their energy field. Animals do this instinctively, reading the mood between humans in a room for example.


This may also be why the dead corpse of someone we once knew appears almost two-dimensional and not really how we remember them. That dancing field of ever changing particles we associate with them is no longer there and our own software that reads this feels disoriented or confused as a result. “That’s not really Elvis! It must be a fake and he is really alive and living somewhere else!”



The Shen and energy fields
In traditional Chinese medicine the software that connects with the body during our life and separates with our death is called the Shen (a.k.a.: ‘Divine Spirit’). It is said to reside in the heart.


In many cultures the heart has been the considered the centre of our life spark, creativity, joi de vivre and sentience. In more recent times this has been conferred to the central nervous system.


So, now that we can measure (some) energy fields it would be logical to assume that the largest field would be around the brain and spinal cord, right? Actually, no. That would be the heart. HeartMath Institute Director of Research Rollin McCraty explains:


“The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body. The electrical field as measured in an electrocardiogram (ECG) is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain waves recorded in an electroencephalogram (EEG).”2




There is also some considerable evidence to suggest that our personal heart energy field responds to the heart field of others. This may be one ‘software’ explanation of our capacity for intuition, empathy and compassion.
It also suggests that the field of one individual can affect the field of another. We have demonstrated many times in the Monday Conscious Health blog that energy and consciousness are aspects of the same thing.




Into the Solid Air


It is not only the heart that generates energy and is sensitive to fields however. Our palms, for example, generate infrared light and are sensitive to micro fluctuations in energy fields.
A sensitive and intuitive person needs only a little training, practice and experience to perceive and work with the fields around a person in a therapeutic way.
The airspace around anyone can be felt by the hands as much as perceived by the mind or emotions. Semi ‘solid’ objects, shapes and ‘energy puzzles’ can present themselves that we can interact with via the hands.


My professional journey into this, er, field, was documented in another blog (click here for that) but it really goes way further back than that.

‘Lila Shakti’: The play of energy


Children like to indulge their naturally hungry curiosity through play. It is a way to both find out more about this new world they have entered as well as understanding their own role in it – at least until the demands and distractions of the world drown this out.


In the Vedas of India this creative form of energy is called ‘Shakti’ – also seen as the feminine aspect of our divine nature. ‘Lila Shakti’ means the dynamic play of this energy.


Around the age of six or seven one of my favorite games to play with my siblings was to have them lie down on their front with a sheet or light blanket covering them. I would then scan with my hand like a metal detector in the air over their body to determine the ‘correct’ place to place my hand on their back.


meridian scanning


Once I had found the position for the first hand I would repeat the process for the second hand. Sometimes I would have to make small adjustments before I had dialed in the right coordinates that created in me a sense of oneness.
That is, I wasn’t satisfied till I could no longer feel my hands as two separate things – only a single field or area of energy. This would sometimes require me lifting off the body to find the right spatial coordinates relative to the person I was working with.
While I played this game to satisfy my own fledgling experiments it proved quite popular with my siblings. They would either drift of into a kind of sleep (I now know this is actually a healing state and a different brain wave form than sleep) and/or react at a bodily level through small, involuntary twitches and spasms.
I find it curious that I needed to forget about this and go on to study energy medicine for several years only to return to this simple, intuitive technique. Of course it has been refined and developed further and led to many quite ‘shamanic’ experiences – but that will be left for other blogs.




Neglected fields of research




The effect and interaction of energy fields in human health is an area that needs to be researched further of course. However there is a ‘Catch 22’ conundrum that sabotages this.
While Western medicine, that purports to be scientifically based, ignores whole departments of scientific knowledge to focus almost exclusively on biochemistry, an investigation of energy in the body is neglected.
Without even the inclusion of a ‘software/energy metaphor’ as part of their medical model they are, in effect, denying the existence of the very thing that differentiates a living person from a dead one (perhaps this is because the formative years of their medical training has them practicing almost exclusively on corpses).
Because its existence is denied it is not researched. Because it is not researched the argument that there is no ‘scientific basis’ is allowed to continue. One can begin to see the infinite loop of this misguided logic.

Doctor Strange…


Copyright, Marvel Comics

Copyright, Marvel Comics


Fortunately there are others outside the conservative confines of medicine that are already doing research in this area. As society becomes more comfortable with technologies like virtual reality, artificial intelligence and holographic modeling, the existence of our own, personal ‘holographic universe’ will not seem so strange – even to doctors.



Till another Monday pushes the envelope of another week.



1 In all probability though, points and meridians are also multi-dimensional. Because they are so often represented in two-dimensional, schematic diagrams and charts for learning purposes it is easy to forget this.


2  Article link here



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