The Thyroid Gland part 2: The holographic human

November 25th, 2013



“We are not born into the world. We are born into something that we make into the world.” 

– Michael Talbot



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Last week we looked at the gender imbalance in regard to problems with the thyroid gland (if you missed it click here). It would be a little simplistic however to say that all thyroid imbalances were the result of unexpressed emotions.



We mentioned the bias of thyroid imbalance in females and while that is true it is not as if they enjoy any exclusive difficulty in expressing what is in their heart.



So what other reasons might there be? As always, I am so glad you asked…



A traditional Chinese medical viewpoint



The mysteriously named Triple Heater (a.k.a. ‘San Jiao’) functions as the regulator of all interactions between external energies and our own. It is part of the Fire element which deals primarily with energy transformation and regulation. Everything that contacts fire is transformed.



The Triple Heater regulates our metabolic processes in three main levels (hence the name) while not actually being assigned a physical organ of its own. If it had one the most likely candidate would be the thyroid gland. One might even say it rules the entire endocrine system – at least at this level. It may have a ‘superior’ higher up but more on that later.



More interestingly it is said to control our interface with external energy sources.

For example: food and drink, sunshine, light and color, touch, and less visible sources like shifting energy fields.



The Triple Heater passes on this information to its partners in the Fire element – The Heart and Heart Protector in particular. These last two now become responsible for the internal calibration of these energies. That is a very delicate balancing act and one that can become disturbed by subtle forces within and without.



The chi-consciousness connection



Regular readers of this blog will by now be familiar with the concept of chi-energy not just as a software driver of physical processes in the body but as a mediator of conscious (and unconscious) awareness.



Different levels of consciousness exhibit different frequencies. A shift in consciousness therefore changes the frequency.



“What’s the frequency, Kenneth?” *



That depends on what is affecting our individual and collective consciousness. For example, years ago I began to notice how common thyroid imbalances were in healers, channellers and many ‘light workers’. I observed them go through frequency shifts in their own body. I have experienced it several times myself.



The physical body is relatively dense and slow to catch up with these shifts (one way to view physical matter is as something vibrating at a slower frequency) so the lag time is experienced as symptoms. This may be anything from chronic tiredness, vivid dreams and visions, strong dizziness and shifts in body temperature – like a battery being charged and warm to the touch – but without any true fever or accompanying illness.



From what we now know about the regulating mechanism of the thyroid gland it will not be surprising to hear that it is often affected in these cases as well, at least for a time. What appears to be happening is that the microcosm of an individual with a sensitive antenna is responding and adjusting to the macrocosm of shifting frequencies.



The Holographic Human



We may not be as physical and separate as we think. Like the endless spiral fractals generated by Mandelbrot’s set of points the spiral patterns that make up atomic life, cells, tissues and organs, whole organisms, bio systems, planets and galaxies are remarkably similar. Have a look for yourself here:



It is quite possible that the only thing that separates one from the other is our consciousness. Within every individual may lie the blueprint of the whole. Our holographic nature and our level of conscious connection to it may determine our level of sensitivity to frequency shifts where what is outside and inside is one and the same.



Thyroid imbalances in this instance may well symbolize the adjustment period our endocrine system endures as we are calibrating to new frequencies.



This also suggests that at some level we always know the truth, even when our conscious mind is accepting a lie. At the collective level this has profound implications in our world today but is perhaps outside the scope and focus of this blog.



Not just the thyroid then



Last week we said the thyroid could be the traffic stop where energy rising from the heart area could not be expressed. But what about energy descending from the third eye and crown energy centers – or even beyond? The king of the endocrine system may not be the thyroid or its ‘master’, the anterior pituitary gland but something much smaller and hidden: the pineal gland.


In Chi Gong, the pineal gland is known as the point ‘Ni Wan’ It is found internally at the intersection of the crown chakra point ‘Bai Hui’ (the hundred meetings) and the third eye point ‘Yin Tang’



Together they act as our antennae for non-physical information and the translation of that into (usually) symbolic thought forms and visions. It is a way we receive information beyond the three dimensional world of form that is presented to our six senses.



Most importantly for this discussion at least it is our link to the truth of who we really are: that there is no separation between us and anything; that it is just our interpretation of this gigantic holographic room of mirrors that keeps our soul caged in the limitation of the human condition. It is the challenging work of the thyroid perhaps to try and express our truth as honestly as possible while dealing with the daily practicalities of our (perceived) physical existence.



The Window of the Sky



In this context the thyroid has the unenviable task of regulating the head and heart and lies on the bridge between them. There is a group of ten points in esoteric acupuncture theory called the ‘Window of the Sky’.


straight chart


It may come as no surprise to hear that they are grouped in three distinct horizonatal levels


  • The heart level
  • The throat level
  • The base of the skull (entering the brain)


Window of the Sky points are used to reconnect our heart and mind when communication is blocked. The physical symptoms are usually seen in the neck and throat area.


In this context our long suffering regulator, the thyroid is trying to perform the thankless task of making us aware of something we already know but cannot or will not express.



Next week: Back down to earth



For those who find it difficult to relate to the world (and their thyroid in particular) in this way don’t worry, be happy. For them I would recommend the third and final part of this series next week where we will look at the current research and ideas about why so many are afflicted with thyroid imbalances. Everything from water fluoridation to to estrogen excess, to vitamin deficiencies and gluten intolerance will be looked at and linked with rich articles and videos.



As your imbalanced thyroid would (not) say: ”Don’t mention it.”



Till our forbidden love for another Monday can speak its name,


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