Healing Touch Workshop: On and Beyond the Body

This is a fascinating workshop for these times for people of all experience levels. We are going to learn simple techniques to positively affect peoples energy fields – whether we are able to share the same physical space with them or not!

We are so much more than just the physical body – so why don’t we learn to work in a way that reflects that?

We will be focusing on three key areas:

1. Increasing our sensitivity through physical touch and gentle pressure

2. Moving beyond the body surface to affect the surrounding energy field

3. Working non-locally – that is, not needing to even be in a shared space with the receiver. You may have also heard this referred to as distal healing.

What is common to all three methods is our ability to maintain an energetic connection with the receiver and be guided by that energy instead of striving to ’do’ something. In this space, energy ’puzzles’ can present themselves for us to creatively work with.

So, whether you already do bodywork professionally or are just looking to increase your sensitivity and intuition when using your hands for massage or healing with friends and family this could be the workshop for you.


When: August 7-9th 2020 (Friday evening 18.00 21.30 and all day Sat-Sun 10.00-17.00)

Where: Lindhagensgatan 53 (T-bana Thorildsplan)

Cost: 1900kr. Deposit: 500kr

Requirements: All materials will be provided (course notes, mats, cushions, blankets etc). Just wear loose, comfortable clothing. 

A maximum of 6 participants can attend so be sure to book your place early.

Contact: Jeremy Halpin: info@jeremyhalpin.com