Shiatsu Diploma Course

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What is in the course?


This is a Shiatsu diploma course covering all aspects of shiatsu touch, theory and practice.

It includes course notes each weekend, clinical practice and tutorial sessions.


A summer intensive course is offered in addition to the main course. Stay tuned for details of that.


What is not in the course?

Anatomy and physiology components (a.k.a. ‘Basmedicin’).
Students will also be allowed to include up to 100 hours of supplementary energy work and lectures to their total diploma hour from the following:


  • Chi Gong
  • Tai Chi
  • Healing
  • Additional lectures and workshops (eg, The Conscious Health series, Solid Air / Intuitive intelligence and the like)


Where will it be held?

Stureplans Sjukgymnastik
Karlavägen 102, 5 tr (‘Garnisonen’)

(Contact Jeremy Halpin for the port code)


What will it cost?


Each weekend costs 1 600 kr (inkl moms).


Total cost for the whole diploma course is 28 800kr (inkl moms)

A 10% discount is offered for those who pay for the course in advance.

Otherwise a monthly payment 3 200kr is payable until the course payment is complete.

Previous shiatsu diploma students may attend for 1/2 price if space is available.


What is required?


  •  An interview with the course leader about suitability for shiatsu training.
  • 100% attendance. The course is too compact and intense to miss weekends
  • Weekends missed will have to be made up the following year before a diploma can be approved.
  • Dedication, joy and enthusiasm!



1. Jeremy Halpin: Mob: +46(0)707523281

2. Maria Khakhalkina: Mob: +(46) (0)735794105




Course Overview


Weekend 1:
Establishing the basic principles of correct body mechanics, posture and touch in Zen shiatsu. Applying pressure to the Lung meridian.


Weekend 2:
Learning the sides of the body. Gall Bladder and Triple Heater meridians.


Weekend 3:
The Heart and Heart Protector meridians. More about the rules of pressure.


Weekend 4:
The inside leg: Spleen/pancreas, Liver and Kidney/adrenals. The Hara part 1.


Weekend 5:
The arm yang meridians of the Colon, Small Intestine and Triple Heater.


Weekend 6:
Back diagnosis. Meridians in the torso. Mu/Alarm points


Weekend 7:
Overview of the meridian system and how to work with it.
Two-handed Zen shiatsu and how they connect.
Re-boot: Learning a general harmonising treatment.


Weekend 8:
Applied 5 elements 1: Earth element
Stuck in the mud: Digestive problems and anxiety obsessive worry states. Oral dependency neediness and low self-esteem.


Weekend 9:
Applied 5 elements 2: Letting go.
Coping with change, release and death. The lungs, colon and skin.

Applied Metal element treatments.


Weekend 10:

Applied 5 elements 3: Surviving stress
Swimming against the tide and burnout, exhaustion and fear.

The Water element in treatment and how to do energy work with low energy clients.


Weekend 11:
Applied 5 elements 4: The cost of conflict on the body.
Working with clients with chronic tension states due to their relationship with personal boundaries, integrity and personal power in the Wood element.


Weekend 12:
Applied 5 elements 5: ‘Upp som en sol…’
Working with the Fire element. Emotional burnout, instability, restlessness and disconnection to Self. The heart, circulation and expression.


Weekend 13:
Kyo and Jitsu treatments.
Working with predominantly Kyo or Jitsu conditions. Mother and son hand. Minimising negative treatment reactions.


Weekend 14:
Tutorial subjects. Work shopping real cases with guest clients.


Weekend 15:
Saturday student clinic.

Masunaga extra meridian extensions.


Weekend 16:
Saturday student clinic
Work shopping treatment scenarios.


Weekend 17:

Clearing up some knotty theories of energy:

Qi Production in the Triple Heater: The Physiology of how Qi is produced and distributed in the Qi model.

Comparing and contrasting with other health models throughout Eastern and Western history


Weekend 18:

Students treating each other in a formal session.
Practical and theoretical exam. Party!