Said about Jeremy

The following reflects some of the feelings and thoughts of some of Jeremy’s clients in the role of therapist, teacher and in general, as a person.


“Jeremy is an exceptional teacher and therapist who with great sensitivity, clarity, a warm heart and a sense of humour will take his students and clients by the hand and gently lead them on a journey of discovery into the depths of their being.”

Helge Lindberg


“Jeremy has that rare and wonderful gift of being able to fuse, integrate and teach body and soul work with tremendous insight, amazing intuition and elegance. Always serving his not so titbits of wisdom on a plateful of humour and compassion, he is indeed a remarkable human being. I am so honoured to know this man: my teacher, therapist and dear friend.”

Dods Wingstedt


“I would like to compare Jeremy Halpin’s work as a healer to cracking the hard shell of an oyster in order to find the inner pearl: the human being. In this case myself and other members of my family have over the years, created a hard shell of false identity, painful patches of numbed emotions blocking a free flowing creative body, soul and mind. Jeremy works on gently releasing these blockages and reconnecting us to our true Self. That unique spark that is both truly the unique me and the universal. As a healer his consistent methods of achieving this are truly remarkable.”

Frances Lucas


“From my heart, I am deeply grateful for this last year of Shiatsu sessions with Jeremy. Through his thorough knowledge and wisdom he has a sharp ability to bring understanding to what the body is trying to communicate through imbalances. His sensitive way of “listening” to one’s body is the biggest gift I’ve ever received. It´s very obvious that he loves working with people the way he does.”

Champa Nyman


“Jeremy has changed my life. Through him, I have not only learned the power I have over my own health, but also the power I have over my own life. During my recent cancer treatment, his teachings, counselling and Shiatsu treatments have been invaluable. Without him, I would have missed the opportunity to learn from my experience and improve all aspects in my life. I am inspired and ever grateful. Thank you!”

Antonella Strömberg


“Jeremy är både en fantastiskt inspirerande lärare och terapeut. Han har både djup och bredd kunskap, är prestigelös, orädd och nyfiken. Jeremy är en stor improvisatör som bottnar i hans mångåriga kunskap och man känner sig trygg med honom.”

Karin Fredriksson


“I can say that there was a before and after in my life when I met Jeremy. When I was going through really hard times Jeremy allowed me through his wisdom and knowledge to be able to have perspective and hope. He understood what I was going through, helped me to laugh at it and take it seriously at the same time. As my Solid Air teacher he has been very encouraging, telling me always to follow my heart and my intuition.

I consider him my friend, my spiritual father and and a true inspiration. His words accompany me in my daily life, helping me to answer my deepest questions.”

Natalie Knutzen


Había escuchado hablar de Jeremy a través de una muy buena amiga y decidí ir a una de sus charlas acerca de mantener el poder personal. En realidad no sabía que esperar de él pero a los tres minutos de haber empezado la charla me impactó tremendamente al sentir que lo que decía era exactamente lo que me estaba ocurriendo a mí. Yo estaba dando mi poder personal a una persona,  la cual se estaba aprovechando de eso y siempre me sentía mal si esta persona se enojaba cuando recibía un NO de mi parte. En consecuencia siempre estaba tratando de contentar a la otra persona, sacrificandome a mí misma. Jeremy sembró algo en mi mente, lo cual quiero seguir cosechando!

Soraya Wall


Three words about Jeremy: Compassion, Excellence and Integrity! 
It is a pleasure to work with Jeremy. He is professional, flexible and focused on the task. He´s fast and easy to work with – we always get a lot more done in a shorter time than anyone could expect!

Claes Wallenberg


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