Fearful Times: the Shadow and Love

July 19th, 2020

”We are kings of bliss, begging for misery.”

-Nick Mulvey

In the Chinese philosophical sense, we are indeed experiencing ’interesting times’. From a Conscious Health perspective, it gets even more interesting. 


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Normally a politely sanitized subject, death has literally been pushed to the front page of every news media. Even opening a seemingly unrelated weather app presents us with the current infection statistics – even when we were not asking the app for that information. 

All this pushes us to confront a subject that has been repressed. What we repress – that is, refuse to look at – finds inventive ways of attracting our attention. More on this shortly.

Fear and Control

”Fear is the mind-killer.” This quote from the science fiction story, Dune, illustrates the paralyzing effects of fear. Fear also closes the heart – both intuitively and emotionally as well as physically.

Firstly, we lose our connection to our inner voice. This means we stop using our common sense. At a deeper level we stop listening to our innate wisdom, our capability to look behind the outward appearance of things and feel what resonates with our heart’s truth.

Secondly, at a physical level, fear causes a ramping up of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Adrenaline increases the heart rate while cortisol contracts the heart muscle. Imagine trying to accelerate in your car while steadily engaging the handbrake.

While in acute, fight/flight situations, this increase in blood pressure and alertness creates so-called ’peak arousal’ states for intense action, it is detrimental when sustained over longer periods of time. We most commonly know it as ’stress’. More serious eventualities can be conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder, burnout syndrome and serious physical diseases.

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At a mental level, fear reduces our ability to focus and concentrate, diminishing our trust in our capacity to cope.  At this point we may become very vulnerable to looking to anyone but ourselves for guidance and leadership. Of course this is why fear has so often been used as a tool of tyranny. In fear and chaos the collective looks to a ’strong’ leader. Ironically it is usually those same leaders causing the fear and chaos. At this point we have given away our control while giving others permission to control us. 

This is where our repressed, fear-based relationship to death comes in. News media has long known that ”If it bleeds it leads.” The promotion of fear will get the greatest reaction and engagement and makes us ever more dependent on each new bulletin.

Addiction to Fear

When it comes to the hormones of fear in our body, we are both the dealer and the addict. We can quickly become dependent on the exciting ’kick’ of fear and unconsciously become attracted to it. After all, there is no chemical difference between fear and excitement. 

This is why bad news and titilating gossip spread so fast. It is the same reason people slow down to gawk at a grizzly car crash or watch violent or frightening movies.

Once we understand that fear states are potentially addictive and we are unwittingly participating in spreading it and infecting others we can begin to make the choice to change.

Fear and Projection

We need to look at fear in a new way. If we can begin to see fear as merely parts of us not yet recognised, remembered and re-integrated back into ourselves we can work with it in a conscious way. 

The liberation of Saint Peter from prison by Giovanni Lanfranco

Our personal evolution progresses as we bring the unconscious parts of ourselves back into the light of consciousness. You may have heard of this unconscious, alienated part of us under another name: the shadow.

Let us take a moment to look at things from the shadow’s perspective. We may have several ’no-go’ areas of our consciousness that we have shut out. Maybe this was due to childhood trauma, violence (either physical or emotional) or other causes that have frozen our heart to that aspect of ourselves. We have judged ourselves and it has become too traumatic, scary or difficult to look at or confront – let alone love and re-member it back into consciousness like the lost soul fragment of us that it is.

Alternatively, our ever alert ego, in its role of protecting us from threats (after all, that is how it keeps itself in a job) may create a compensating fantasy and tell us that we are fine but it is other people’s shadows that are a threat to us. 

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In its projected form, our shadow is seen as an ’entity’ in someone else that presents a threat to our own, unconscious, unresolved shadow. Many old religions, practices and medicines along with modern day projections have this world view. Such a view distorts this unresolved shadow and gives it many other names like the devil, demons, entities, satanic forces, the dark side and so on.

When we project these fantasies outside of us they become apocalyptic-themed movies, video games, secret societies and conspiracies out to do us harm. What they really represent is our collective, undigested cellular density we call the shadow.

From fear into love – a new way of being

From a spiritual point of view, the world we see around us is a three-dimensional one. In this context that means its main feature is the play (and sometimes war) of opposites (light vs. dark; good vs. evil; right vs. wrong) mediated through emotion. In this plane, there appears to be many contradictions and life can seem unfair as we ride the rollercoaster of emotion between the polarities.

The symbol of Yin/Yang, sometimes called ’post Heaven’ is a  model of the laws of three-dimensional existence our body inhabits. It does not describe us however.

There are other dimensions of consciousness however. These might be seen as different playgrounds where other rules apply. Fifth dimensional consciousness for example has, as its dominant feature, unconditional love. It is a frequency of consciousness that is very healing for us. It teaches us love, acceptance and forgiveness – even (or perhaps, especially) when we cannot forgive ourselves.

When it comes to fear the only way out or through is love. Where love exists, fear cannot. Even if we cannot love or accept something we can at least love the part of us that cannot yet love or accept it. This is how we heal ourselves.

Love is the real cure for the fear of death as well. The Latin word for love, ‘amor’ would read as ‘amort’. Literally translated, this means love is the negation of death (‘mort’) and therefore the fear of it as well.

Making peace with fear

I remember an interpretation by a teacher (thanks Keith) for someone who had experienced a nightmare of sorts only to awake with a dark being lying on her body. In some spiritual schools these may have been interpreted as ’entities’ – that is dark energies that may have bonded with us or even been sent by others.

His answer was impressively different and compassionate. He described such creatures as parts of ourselves that have been so traumatised and pushed away from recognition, love and acceptance that they can sometimes appear to us in such a form. 

Imagine for a moment, the perspective of our greater consciousness. It sees how we have been traumatised and split by fear and suffering. What can it do to remedy this sad state of affairs? It can send out an ’actor’ to play the role of this wounded part of ourselves. We however, keep getting lost in fear and reject it time and time again, sending it back out into the desert of our unconscious – at least until it can find another trigger to try again.

This actor just wants to complete its role and return home to us to be accepted, forgiven, loved and reintegrated back into our consciousness. Then it can release its hideous costume and merge with us once again for a well-earned rest in the arms of love. 

Now that’s not so scary, is it?

The choice to love and be happy

Situations do not determine happiness. Happiness is a choice we make moment to moment. That means our choice to be in fear is too.

But here’s the thing. It is not a fair fight. As crippling as fear seems to be, it is defenseless against the choice to love. Fear only has a good marketing department. It can only try to convince us that something is hopeless. While it can sometimes be quite convincing, it lacks the substance to deliver without us saying yes to it.

In the same way that we cannot ’turn on the dark’ only the light, the only true thing we can experience in this confusing three-dimensional playground is the love and light that we are. Accept no substitutes, calmly refuse all threats and bribes.

Choose love.

Choose love.

Choose love.

There is nothing to fear.

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