How I work

Private consultations


A typical consultation takes around 75-90 mins and may involve both conversation and hands-on Shiatsu therapy. Alternatively it may involve light therapy, Solid Air (non-physical healing and creative inner-journey work) or a combination of these. Thereafter I adjust and adapt to your needs during each session.


What should you wear?

Energy work and shiatsu is done fully clothed. Something comfortable and warm is suitable.


What you may feel after treatments

Depending on what the therapy unveils you may feel relaxation immediately or it may take a couple of days for the body to adjust to the changes that have occurred. The strongest resistance by the body is usually felt after the first treatment as it has not received these signals before. Repeated treatment allows the body to adjust, adapt and welcome these new changes. Reactions are varied but clients usually report feeling more relaxed, open and positive. The body may take its chance to heal in the following days so extra rest and sleep may be required.

A fascinating component of treatment is the arising of greater self awareness. We may come into contact with thoughts, ‘aha’ moments of self insight and emotions that have remained unexpressed for some time. This is normal and even a desirable outcome as we can use the sessions pro-actively to further our personal development.


Whom do I treat?

I treat clients who may have already noticed the link between their health issues and the emerging patterns of their life situation. They may feel ‘stuck’ and might not yet have the tools to work with these discoveries but are at least determined to work through them.


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1200kr (ink. moms) / session

Treatments and workshops (unless otherwise specified) 10-day invoice (faktura) via BankGiro:

BG: 5803-1329


Group sessions/workshops:

Stay tuned for developments regarding these. Courses in Shiatsu, Solid Air and the Conscious Health series will be posted on this site.