Light, Love and Healing

November 14th, 2014






“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.

Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”


–        Martin Luther King Jr.




The capacity of light to act as photo-biological software that programs processes in the body is well known. Light from our sun, the greatest software program for life on our planet, not only enables photosynthesis in plants (and therefore the entire food chain) it fills us with light too.



For centuries we have used used light in therapeutic applications including light emitting technologies used today.



Blue light being used to help a premature baby break down bilirubin.  The undeveloped liver cannot yet do this by itself.

Blue light being used to help a premature baby break down bilirubin.
The undeveloped liver cannot yet do this by itself.



While many photons (particles of light) pass right through us we also store light in the body. In other words light goes from the speed of, well, light to zero when it is stored in us. That makes us light sponges. We can literally become enlightened from light.



External light has a profound affect on our experience of inner light and joy too. S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) is well known in those countries where light is scarce a large part of the year.



Even more effective than white light rooms is monochromatic, coloured light. A mere 10 minute treatment every three weeks is enough to combat these symptoms during the dark periods of the year.



Who has not experienced the lightening effect on our psyche of the appearance of the sun after a period of darkness?






Light then, is not just a biological driver but a psychological one as well.




Energy meetings



In traditional Chinese medicine light is recognized as one of the countless expressions of chi or catalysing bio-energy. It gets more interesting when we see that chi is also considered a manifestation of consciousness.



Health is defined in this therapeutic model as the free flow of chi. Disease then, is considered a relative stagnation of chi. The art of healing lies in enabling it to flow freely again.



This is where the roads of physical, psychological and spiritual health meet. If chi is not only bio-software animating physical processes but an expression of consciousness it follows that a stagnation of chi flow also indicates a stagnation of consciousness at some level.



That is, contained in a physical symptom is a chance to enlighten ourselves about something hidden from our conscious awareness. Would not then moving a chi stagnation also liberate consciousness, say, in the form of ‘aha’ moments and greater insight about ourselves?



In my clinical experience that is exactly what happens – in successful cases at least. That moment of clarity and insight into a problem is a ‘mini-enlightenment’ where the client can use the previous resistance of their problem to propel their personal development over and above an improvement in their physical condition.





Comfortably Numb?



Compare and contrast this way of thinking with symptom repressing medications. It is important to note here that the vast majority of medicines used today do not cure anything. They are purely used to alleviate symptoms. While it is justifiable and even vital to medicate acute and potentially life threatening symptoms most people on medication are not in this situation.



A symptom repressing drug may make us comfortably numb but it also numbs the potential for us to find the links between the problem and our part in it. Instead of the empowerment to emerge from illness stronger and more aware than before we remain in the duller state of medicine dependence.






Then of course there is the distinct possibility of side effects from continued medicine use that often require further medications to treat those symptoms. That may be good for the business of medicine sales and profits but it is not good for us.





What’s love got to do with it?



In the vast majority of our media – that megaphone of the subjective super-ego values of targeted socio-cultural-economic groups – love is portrayed only as a romantic or sentimental emotion. It is seen as something that is won or lost, that comes and goes. This kind of love is fodder for the media because it creates dramas, tragedies and comedies – the commerce of conflict.



Love is a mysterious thing however and can take other, less well known forms:




  • Love as a state of consciousness
  • Love as a modifying (healing) frequency



Let’s look at these.




Love as a state of consciousness




When we leave behind the romantic drama of love we may find ourselves in a peculiar state. The experience of love without an object of love.



That is, love is experiencing itself as an abiding state of consciousness. This may feel at the same time both wonderfully liberating and slightly alien as we have been given few road maps for navigating it.



It is usually seen as the province of giggling gurus on distant mountain tops or a temporary state of grace that soon fades instead of what it is: An expression of conscious awareness freed from the duality of conditions.



It is unconditional love.




Love as a modifying frequency



From the viewpoint of chi-consciousness and particle physics alike, everything is in a state of vibration. We measure vibration, in its wave state, as frequency.



I believe the conscious state of love modifies the vibrational frequency of our physical and energy body to become more highly integrated and harmonious. As such, it can modify existing disharmonies that cause dis-ease.





Our body reorganises itself to be in tune with the modifying frequency of love like a corresponding harmonic to the fundamental note. In this way the frequency of love literally ‘sets the tone’ that the body corrects itself to follow.



Fear of course is counterproductive to this as it focuses on annihilation of Self and the disintegration of death.




The how of healing states



The second law of thermodynamics states that everything tends towards entropy. That is, as energy dissipates, the structural forms of matter will eventually disintegrate too. Now, that may be true of raw matter, but what about sentient beings?


What if chi-energy-consciousness were to be increased in us? What if we added an integrating, modifying energy frequency like say, love, or light? Would not that system reverse its entropic, death-like tendency and become more highly integrated instead?



Is not this a description of healing? Is not this also a description of the raising of consciousness?



© Alex Grey

© Alex Grey




Maybe we have set our sights too low in our approach to disease. To repress symptoms plays into the disintegrating force of entropy and the accompanying fear of it. To use symptoms as a springboard to greater awareness transforms our victimised suffering into one full of meaning and purpose. Healing may then be transformed into a yogic path.



The  word ‘yoga’ means union – our highest integration of consciousness. Our search for meaning is also a search for union, for oneness and integration with our Self.



The result of this is enlightenment. Its expression is love.



Is not then light and love something we should investigate as valid healing tools?






Till another Monday unites us in light and love once more,



[1] One also has to allow that, in some cases, symptoms are serving a purpose for an individual and will not be released while they continue to do so


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