Surfing the Single Wave

June 17th, 2013



“I don’t know how people cope!”



These were the words of a client to no-one in particular as she lay on the shiatsu mat after a treatment session.


When I asked her what she meant her reply was:


“There is so much going on inside that you could spend your whole life there. How do people cope with their lives in the outside world with all this is going on?”


Light reflection table


When Worlds Collide


How we do it is simple: We block it out. We fill up our lives with endless distractions, ‘to do’ lists and the enormous time and energy drain of acquiring and maintaining all the ‘stuff’ we crave and so fill an emptiness we cannot name.


We leave no space for the voice of our Self. At best our inner world is breifly seen in fleeting dreams that an exhausted body and over stimulated nervous system cannot grasp let alone explore.


There are moments however when some light shines through the cracks and we notice a sudden shift in awareness. The atmosphere around us merges as if we are in bubble of focused stillness. One moment we are in a chattering jungle when suddenly all the animals and birds go quiet, the air stops moving and time slows almost to a standstill. A singular, powerful presence has entered the space.


For some this can be unnerving and our skittish, limited mind quickly breaks the mood to return us to our accustomed mental static. If we are even a little curious we may wonder what happened. If we are braver, we may go hunting…


Catching a Wave


Shiatsu course


It is not an animal we need to catch however and no violence is involved. It is a single wave; a frequency bandwidth uninterrupted by competing frequencies; a pure harmonic undisturbed by dissonance. We do not need to be alone in meditation when this happens either. We can utilize these energy waves when working with someone else.


In the context of treatment session our intrepid energy surfer is hoping to catch this single wave shift at least some of the time. Most therapy techniques involve ‘doing’ something. The therapist performs their technique and the client receives. We may call this state the ‘Dual Wave’. That is, regardless of technique, therapist and client are still separate from each other. Just as in our busy, distracted lives we are still separated from ourselves and others by ‘doing’ something.


If we are paying attention however we may, from time to time, experience this merging state of oneness and stillness described above. It is at this moment that our intended techniques and treatment plans take a back seat to our ability to surf the wave of energy that is passing through in the moment.


Are You Experienced?


How might this be subjectively experienced by therapist and client in a session?


Well, I’m so glad you asked:



  • The feeling that their physical self has ‘disappeared’
  • Changes in the breathing pattern
  • Symbolic dreams and visions
  • Spontaneous body movements, spasms or even yoga-like postures
  • Emotional release: laughing, crying and so on.
  • A feeling of either weightlessness or heaviness so that they cannot move their physical body.
  • The experience that they are ‘hovering’ above their physical position.
  • Inner conversations and journeys.
  • A disconnection to the passing of time.




  • A sudden perceptible stillness in the atmosphere in the room
  • A shift in the ‘scenery’: the client takes on a more symbolic form (archetypes, landscapes, the discovery of symbolic objects and so on)
  • The sense that the physical form of the client has become elastic or plasma-like and translucent.
  • Intuitive triggers that guide our attention to areas or ideas we may not have originally intended in our treatment plan.
  • The perception of another presence in the room.
  • The experience of working in a meditative, dream-like state that has its own intelligence.
  • The arising of playful, energy ‘puzzles’ that we can ‘solve’: “What if I try this technique, or use a mental image that has arisen and take it through the clients energy body?…”
  • Our very thought process becomes ‘charged’ with creative possiblity.



“See nothing different. See everything the same”


This was the advice of Indian guru Neem Karoli baba to his followers many years ago regarding experiences in meditation or ‘normal’ life.


Even though the experiences listed state above may sound strange or fantastic to some of us, when we experience them, it feels the most natural thing in the world(s). We do not need to be scared or covetous of these experiences. They are just another facet of our infinite diamond.


Light book


When the light shifts (and we are paying attention) another shining highlight of Self is shown to us. ‘We’ have not gone anywhere however. How could we?


Till all waves merge on the shores of another Monday,


For those interested in myself and Graeme Docherty’s summer course in Single Wave energy for shiatsu students and energy therapists on the 27-30th of June please click here or contact me via the details below.



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