The Energy-Consciousness Model Pt.2: Myriad Meridians

November 2nd, 2015




“Our perception of space alters the space.

It is consciousness that finds meanings in all spaces”

-Tarthang Tulku



© Alex Grey

© Alex Grey


Some time ago a mother of a new-born baby came to see me for treatment. She brought her baby with her. She was late for her appointment, stressed, sweating from rushing to get to the clinic and in an irritable mood. Her baby reflected this disposition by constant, angry crying.


I gave her the option of having her child with her on the shiatsu mat instead of in its cot in the pram but she declined. A brief diagnosis of her hara (a diagnostic technique used in zen shiatsu covering reflex zones in the abdominal area) showed strong tension in her Heart Protector energy (click here for more on this meridian system). I decided to work on the Heart Protector meridian in her arms before checking again.


Within about ninety seconds she began to relax and took a deep, sighing breath in an out. At the same moment her baby ceased its crying and went straight to sleep. It only began to stir again an hour or so later as its mother got up to leave after the shiatsu session was finished.




 Mysterious meridians



© Shizuto Masunaga

© Shizuto Masunaga


Interestingly, this wasn’t even the first time I had experienced this exact dynamic in clinic when treating stressed mothers with their equally stressed babies present. As an acupuncture student I remember being taught that there is a strong meridian-energy bond between the mother and child that decays over the first few years of the child’s life.


The traditional Chinese medicine saying: “To treat the child, first treat the mother.” – applies here. The theory is that, long after the physical tie of the umbilical cord is cut, the meridian inter-connection remains. The virtual umbilical cord of meridian-consciousness is still active.


It is around this time that a quick refresher on the energy-consciousness model is needed:


  • The energy-consciousness model employs a ‘software’ metaphor to describe and practically work with the physical body


  • While working through the physical body the aim is to contact the energy flowing through and animating it


  • It includes the aspect of mental and emotional processes affecting physical ones and visa-versa


Many disciplines employing this model work with the meridian system – a network of energy pathways, points and fields.




Moving between points


Last week (click here if you missed it) we looked at the nature of individual points. While we discovered these were not as one dimensional as the name suggests there are other ways to connect to energy flows in and around the body-mind.


Meridians are often portrayed in schematic looking diagrams showing skinny lines travelling (mostly) vertically up and down the body. It is safe to say this is only a general approximation of how they manifest through the body.


Meridians can and do vary in area; intensity of pulsation or flow and the level of accessibility – whether they are superficial or deeper-lying. A client may notice that their sensitivity – both physical and their receptivity to energy shifts – can vary too.


In case you have not guessed already, this is because our energy-consciousness is dynamic. It reflects our changing relationship with our body-mind in health, disease and responses to all the ups and downs of our life.



Frequency bands





Meridians may be likened to the channels or frequency bands on a television or radio. We do not need a separate TV for each channel we choose to watch – we simply switch to another receiving/transmitting frequency.


The meridians are like frequency bands of energy-consciousness flowing in and around the body, dynamically reflecting our current state. In case this sounds a little like science-fiction fantasy to some of you here is an interesting demonstration using a PIP (Polycontrast Interference Photography) camera to see the body’s relationship to energy-consciousness. For the impatient among you, click at the 3.46 mark for a real-time demonstration of the meridians.





The pathways of touch


When we touch someone, especially in a focused way that consciously directs our energy, we meet with their energy system. While this is not the only way we can interact with another’s energy field it is profound how such a simple act can create so many different, potential reactions between giver, receiver and back again.


When instructing students how to get in touch with energy I usually ask them to imagine they are touching a pipe with rushing water flowing through it. Their focus is on ‘listening’ to or feeling the water flow more than the pipe itself. Like a software programmer that must use the hardware of a computer to contact and work with the software animating it, the energy therapist can use the physical body to interface with its energy.


As energy begins to flow in meridian pathways that were blocked several things can happen:


  • The client noticeably relaxes; their breathing pattern often changes to reflect this
  • Spontaneous spasms and twitching movements. To continue the pipe analogy, this is like when water flows through a pipe or hose that hasn’t been used for a while. There are small coughs and spurts as the air pockets are pushed out before full flow is restored.
  • The client may also experience shifts in consciousness: changed perception of their body’s weight or physical borders; colours, images or symbolic vision sequences, emotional reactions, ‘aha’ moments of insight and so on



Words and actions


The meridian field/lines have distinct personalities as well. Each meridian system has a network of correspondences that link such diverse aspects as related physical functions and organs, emotions and ways of perceiving and interacting with the world through their unique frequency filters.


Discovering this, I have found it therapeutically useful to engage the energy of words when working on a particular meridian to broach subjects pertaining to that meridian’s area of consciousness. This often has the effect of speeding up the client’s awareness and acceptance of issues they need to work with more than words would alone.


Afterwards, they feel a change has taken place in both body and mind. This is why the energy-consciousness model has so much to offer the greater medical debate. It provides a demonstrable link between the body and mind in health and disease.




 From meridian frequency bands to energy fields beyond the body


Holding the ball


Next week, in the third and final part on this short series on the energy-consciousness model we will revisit a subject the Monday Conscious Health blog has looked at from different angles: the non-physical aspect of energy-consciousness interaction beyond the physical borders of the body. Sometimes the best way to touch someone is by not touching them at all.



Till another Monday, just beyond reach, connects with us again anyway,




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