Hapé and Cacao Ceremonies!

Upcoming events! 

Cacao and Hapé gathering:

  • 24/4- 2021, 15:00
  • 8/5- 2021, 15:00

Cacao ceremony with Breath work and drum journey:

  • 16/4- 2021, 16:00
  • 14/5- 2021, 16:00

The primary function of Hapé is as a communicator of our intentions and the means by which we can receive and feel the fruits of those intentions.

Hapé (or Rapé) is a beautiful plant medicine from the Amazon jungle consisting of a mix of pure tobacco (Nicotiana Rustica which in is also called a Plant Teacher ‘El Mapacho’) and various combinations of medicinal and sacred plants depending on the desired mix and the tribes who make it.

OBS: Please do not confuse this with smoking tobacco! This is not a medicine to be smoked. We will not be smoking anything during the ceremony.

Working with Hapé

Hapè is used as an amplifier of intention. It is a way for us to slow down the outer world and refresh our inner focus on what is truly important to us. What is it we really want? What is it we need right now? What is the most important question to ask at this moment in our life? In this way we begin to connect with our inner truth and be present enough to receive what comes back to us.

This is a gathering for a small group of maximum 6 people. Both men and women, with or without experience of this medicine are welcome ♥

Working with Cacao

Cacao is a plant medicine used for opening the heart. Unlike commercial chocolate, its true flavour is bitter with a fruity, sweet after taste. 

In traditional Chinese medicine, bitter is the flavour associated with the heart and works both as a mild stimulant to heart funtion while opening our emotional sensitivity and receptivity.

In ceremony, cacao is ideal for making us more receptive to our inner voice for working with intention and inner journeying. It also opens up into the thoat chakra and helps with opening the voice in toning, chanting and singing.

Please contact Jeremy (info@jeremyhalpin.com) to book your spot so it’s not enough to click “kommer” in the facebook event, however if you are coming it helps to click in the event as well in case we put any messages up that can be useful 🙂

When: See individual events

Where: Stockholm (the address will be provided upon booking)

Contact: info@jeremyhalpin.com OR marebluespa@hotmail.com

Some further details

Hapé is a medicine that heals many ailments. It has various uses and applications from cleansing the sinuses of mucous and bacteria thereby helping to combat colds and respiratory ailments, headaches and different body aches to being a part of other plant medicine rituals, where it is helping you focus and sharpen the mind, clearing the energy field, detoxing the body, providing a connection upward or grounding you depending on the mix and intention supporting your spiritual connection.

Depending on which Paje (elder of the tribe) made the Hapé, which ash and which herbs he selected, the Rapé would take on a particular character which is blended for its intended purpose. The main purposes of his Rapés could be considered general (fortifying), medicinal (healing), inebriating (uplifting) and opening (spiritual).

After focusing on our intention and a suitable hapé is selected, a small portion is administered by blowing it gently into the left and right nostrils.

Physical reactions

We can initially feel some slight irritation in the nose and sinuses. This triggers the mucous to release what we no longer need. Some lightness or short term dizziness can also occur at first. After that the body becomes soft and receptive.

Spiritual connections

This is where we relax and receive the fruit of our intention. Thoughts, images or insights can come to us at this time.

Post ceremony

A short sharing (if one wishes) will be accompanied by a serving of fruit and tea to earth us back again. We may notice that the medicine will continue to work subtly through us in the following days.


If you decide to participate in the ceremony, please make sure to not eat for about 2-3 hours before or if you do have only a light meal. It is also recommended to avoid consuming coffee in the afternoon before the ceremony. Otherwise, come as you are, with an open heart and mind